cell separation

Macs technology

  • The most cited technology for cell separation
  • Gentle isolation for viable and functional cells
  • Research technology directly translates into clinical applications


  • Providing premium results for over 20 years
  • Isolated cells are compatible with any downstream applications
  • Cell functionality preserved during isolation, no cell activation

MACS® Technology is the gold standard for magnetic cell separation. Countless publications have proven its power and versatility for a multitude of applications: from small-scale to large-scale separations, from frequently occurring cells to rare subsets 

MACS® Technology is based on the following three unique components:

MACS MicroBeads
MACS MicroBeads are 50-nm superparamagnetic particles that are conjugated to highly specific antibodies against a particular antigen on the cell surface. Due to the small size, they do not activate cells and they will not saturate cell surface epitopes. Unlike larger beads, MACS MicroBeads do not have to be removed for any downstream application. MicroBeads are non-toxic and biodegradable. They have been tested according to the International Standard (ISO 10993) and USP guidelines for biocompatibility.
Only MACS MicroBeads are always in suspension (colloidal) – allowing fast binding kinetics and short labeling procedures. Unlike non-colloidal or very large beads, you will never have to deal with clumping artifacts and you can count on superb quality and lot-to-lot consistency.


Miltenyi provide a wide range of CD-markers antibodies covering virtually any cell type  


MACS Columns
MACS Columns contain a matrix composed of ferromagnetic spheres covered with a cell-friendly coating. When placed on a magnetic separator, the spheres amplify the magnetic field by 10,000-fold, thus inducing a high gradient within the column. This is crucial for isolation of cells which are only minimally labeled, leaving enough epitopes free for concurrent antibody staining.
The space between the spheres is several times larger than primary and most cultured cells. This allows the cells to freely flow through the column. Magnetically labeled cells are held in suspension within the column and do not actually “bind” the column matrix. This suspension minimizes stress on the cells and allows for efficient sterile washing by avoiding cell aggregation.

MACS Separators
MACS Separators are available in different formats to accommodate different column options.

The combination of MACS MicroBeads, columns, and the magnetic separator provide the perfect tool set for unmatched cell separation results