The Story
Since pioneering MACS magnetic cell separation technology in 1990, we have grown into a vibrant, multinational team of more than 1200 biomedical scientists, physicians, engineers, and support groups. We develop and manufacture a portfolio of outstanding products ranging from unique cell labeling reagents, through sophisticated cell separation and analysis devices, to innovative systems for clinical applications.
The Passion
Our commitment is to the advancement of biomedical research and cellular therapy. Our passion is the development of technologies that impact on basic research and clinical applications. Our customers value our reputation and years of experience in providing products that make a difference.
The Portfolio
The MACS Solutions portfolio of outstanding tools for the translation from basic research to therapy, addresses techniques of sample preparation, cell separation and analysis, molecular analysis, cell culture, therapeutic plasma apheresis. From research tools to GMP reagents for sophisticated applications, such as cellular therapy, the creativity of our interdisciplinary teams is reflected in the excellence of our products.
The Promise
"Researchers working for researchers" is the concept that enables us to fulfill our promise to provide pioneering products to our customers. By integrating research, development and manufacturing processes, we have a unique understanding of all procedures involved in the provision of high quality products. Customers can rely on our expertise and on our support