About US

TheaMed  is a newly born company (2011) that has reflected the hope of the owners to participate in the scientific community to help in the medical field progress and in building a future full of optimism and better treatment for diseases, by providing the innovative medical supply. This was the reason that made us choose our identity “providing the best and efficient medical technology”. 

TheaMed offices are located in Middle East Institute of Health (MEIH) Bsalim, Mount Lebanon, a small and peaceful town placed on the side of the hill facing the sea. That’s where our team collaborates to provide a fast and high quality service for our clients to supply them with accurate instruments that insure their specific demands for progressing in both research and clinical fields.

Our company provides an advanced technology with high efficiency in many fields like sample preparation, cell separation, cell culture and differentiation, cell analysis, stem cells, immunology, separation of mRNA and cDNA, molecular analysis, bimolecular separation… It also provides different laboratory equipments assisting in the development of this field in order to enhance the accuracy of the results, aiming finally for the ultimate medical service. TheaMed can also develop projects like laboratory creation.

In order to present these products, TheaMed focused on dealing with the best and well known international biotechnological companies, to present to our clients the top quality by the minimal possible cost. That’s why TheaMed is the official distributor of Miltenyi biotech (Germany) and BioSafe (Switzerland) products in Lebanon, and this is the reason of the collaboration with Al-Yamama Company, an important provider of laboratory equipments in this region of the Arab world MENA, to offer the best in class technologies from worldwide important companies. Different products from best laboratory and biotechnology companies are provided by TheaMed to equip a very developed center (REVIVA) in cell therapy and in particular stem cell science. This center is considered as a big step in the progress of medical services sector in Lebanon. At Reviva regenerative medicine center(1), our machines are present as a demo for any client who wants to see their efficiency in addition to the European references. (1) MEIH, Bsalim-Lebanon

TheaMed provides products in relation directly with the regional agent “Al-Yamama, Jordan”, which is the regional distributor of :

  • Miltenyi biotech / Germany www.miltenyibiotech.com
  • Biosafe / Switzerland  www.biosafe.ch
  • Chart biomedical / UK www.chartbiomed.com
  • Bel engineering / Italy
  • Desmon / Italy
  • Faster / Italy
  • Froilabo / France
  • Finer PCR / korea
  • Bioactiva / Germany
  • Memmert / Germany
  • Wagtech / UK
  • Capp / Denmark