Removal reagents

  • Specific: removal of unwanted materials, e.g., dead cells, myelin, red blood cells or endotoxin
  • Reliable: significantly improved efficiency of antibody binding
  • Reproducible: higher purity and recovery of isolated target cells

Removal of dead cells, myelin, red blood cells or endotoxin is usually indispensable for efficient antibody binding to target cells. Several reagents are available for the removal of unwanted material.

Dead Cell Removal Beads
Eliminate dead cells, cell debris, and dying cells within 25 minutes

Myelin Removal Beads II
Once neural tissue has been dissociated, myelin removal significantly improves the results of cell sorting or immunostaining

Red Blood Cell Lysis Solution
Optimal lysis of erythrocytes with minimal effects on leukocytes

Endotoxin Removal Beads
Effective removal of lipopolysaccharides and bacterial DNA

CD15 MACSiBead™ Kit, human
Quick enrichment of lymphocytes from human whole blood samples by depletion of CD15+ cells and lysis of erythrocytes

Basic MicroBeads
Non-conjugated MicroBeads for the removal of material that binds non-specifically to MicroBeads