CryoMACS freezing bags

The right step towards more safety in cryopreservation

Proven quality:
With about 20 years experience in life science, Miltenyi Biotec provides health care specialists with innovative, high-quality instruments and products.
CryoMACS Freezing Bags have been precisely developed to set standards for cryopreservation. The CryoMACS Freezing Bags are intended for a single cycle of freezing, storage (down to -196°C), and subsequent thawing (at 37°C) of hematopoietic progenitor cells. CryoMACS Freezing Bags are available in Europe as CE-marked medical devices and are marketed in the US under FDA 510(k) clearance.

CryoMACS Freezing Bags consist of a freezing bag and a corresponding overwrap bag. Both bags are made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), a durable material used for about 30 years for cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen.

Convenient handling:
Each CryoMACS Freezing Bag with its corresponding overwrap bag is individually packed and sterilized by electron-beam irradiation. The additional outer packaging, that can be disinfected, makes clean room handling easy. This helps to maintain a sterile workflow from cell collection to storage and subsequent thawing.

Make assurance double sure:
The overwrap bag provides potential extra security. It protects both the freezing bag and the stored blood product. It helps to maintain the sterility of the freezing bag and helps to prevent the risk of cross-contamination during cryopreservation1, 2.

Advanced bag design:
The CryoMACS Freezing Bags are made of EVA tubular film with few welds for high durability. The design is optimized for full drainage of the bag.
The extra-long EVA tubing of the integrated tubing set enables sampling for quality controls by simple heat sealing of sample-filled tubing sections.
The tubing set is provided with luer connectors, roller clamps and an injection port. The EVA tubing and injection port are DMSO-resistant.
Two ports at the CryoMACS Freezing bag, secured with sealed twist-off protective caps, allow for removal of the thawed cell product. The sealed, twist-off protective caps reduce the risk of nitrogen ingress into the ports, which can lead to cross-contamination1, 2.

More safety, same storage space:
The filled CryoMACS Freezing Bag with its corresponding overwrap bag fits into the corresponding storage cassettes. There is no need to use larger storage cassettes.

Different applications, different sizes:
A broad range of CryoMACS Freezing Bags with volumes ranging from
50 to 1000 mL (recommended fill volumes 20 to 270 mL) is available and offers flexibility for various applications.