CliniMACS instrument


The user-friendly key components of the CliniMACS® Plus Instrument offer sophisticated applications for a whole variety of separations. The selected stem cells, monocytes, DCs, NK cells, B cells, and T cell subsets allow research in the field of regenerative medicine, adoptive immunotherapy, and graft engineering.
• Full system control by means of an integrated microcomputer
• Automatized cell labeling by a magnetic separation unit including both a movable permanent magnet and a holder for the separation column
• A peristaltic pump to ensure continuity in flow rates throughout the tubing set
• Various pinch valves to support the peristaltic pump in managing the correct flow of buffer and cell suspension


Cells are magnetically labeled in the Cell Preparation Bag using an antigen-specific reagent. Subsequently, the Cell Preparation Bag is connected to the CliniMACS Plus Instrument. Consumer-friendly software facilitates target cell enrichment or depletion as well as final collection in the Cell Collection Bag. The CliniMACS System separates large numbers of cells providing target cells with high purity and excellent yield. A range of tubing sets optimized for different applications is available


The CliniMACS® Plus Instrumentis an automated cell separation system based on MACS® Technology. It enables the operator to perform clinical-scale magnetic enrichment of target cells or depletion of unwanted cells in a closed and sterile system. The CliniMACS Plus Instrumentis CE-marked for clinical use in Europe and is used for the separation of a variety of human cell types in conjunction with a CliniMACS Tubing Set, a CliniMACS Reagent, and the CliniMACS PBS/EDTA Buffer