PolySon™ ultrasound contrast agents

Viscover™ has developed PolySon™ H/L ultrasound agents which are unique hard-shell ultrasound microbubbles with ideal physiological and contrast properties for all typical ultrasound methods. Single bubble quantitation is also possible using “bubble-destructive” methods. Polyson agents are based on a fully inert organic polymer, giving high stability and excellent tolerance in vivo.

PolySon Lis a hard-shell ultrasound microbubble agent, optimal for organ perfusion measurements and also liver and spleen visualization. PolySon L is recommended for all-purpose use and organ perfusion measurements at low acoustic pressures.

PolySon Hoffers you the same capabilities as PolySon L, but is optimized for measurements at the body surface at high acoustic pressures.

PolySon ultrasound agents circulate in the blood stream and later accumulate in liver and spleen. PolySon agents are highly echogenic at all typically used ultrasound frequencies even above 30 Mhz. They are the only agents on the market suited for stimulated acoustic emission imaging through visualizing bubble rupture. Even single bubbles can be detected.

PolySon™ ultrasound contrast agents



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PolySon H

Small animal ultrasound using hard-shell microbubbles (high mechanical index)


PolySon L

Small animal ultrasound using hard-shell microbubbles (low mechanical index)