Multi MACS separator

  • Time-saving: 24 separations in parallel
  • User-friendly: easy to operate with touchscreen interface
  • Adaptable: optional integration into liquid handling systems

The MultiMACS™ Cell24 Separator is the first instrument to allow parallel isolations from 24 samples in a single run. It has specifically been developed for simultaneous multisample magnetic cell separations using MACS® Technology. A strong 24-well magnet is used to retain magnetically labeled cells within Multi-24 Columns. Non-labeled target cells are collected as flow-through from the column, leading to fast,high-quality cell separations that are ready for any downstream application


The MultiMACS™ Cell24 Separator carries out efficient separations of multiple cell samples simultaneously – with complete ease. It can be employed as a simple-to-operate semi-automated benchtop instrument or, for full automation, integrated with liquid handling platforms


Cell suspensions are magnetically labeled by using a MACS® Cell Isolation Kit or MACS Cell Separation Reagent. Subsequently, the suspensions are transferred to the equilibrated Multi-24 Column Block. A strong 24-well magnet is used to retain the magnetically labeled cells within the column block. The unlabeled target cells are collected as the flow-through fraction in twenty-four 5 mL tubes or alternatively, in 24-well deep-well blocks.
MultiMACS Cell Separation procedures are performed by manual pipetting with software guidance or fully automated in a liquid handling robot


  • Untouched isolation of various cell types using MACS® Cell Isolation Kits
  • Depletion of cells labeled with MACS Cell Separation reagents                                                                                                                                                   

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