Welcome to TheaMed

During the past decades, medical applications have developed tremendously due to the expansion of innovative and promising studies. Nowadays, science-based applications are taking the lead suggesting potential evolution in treatment while introducing regenerative medicine which has a key role in implementing innovative medical therapies showing great promise over traditional medical treatments. TheaMed represent the key link between traditional therapeutic strategies and regenerative medicine by offering a wide range of pioneering products to respond to the growing demand of biomedical technologies in both clinical and therapeutic applications in order to make scientific research available for clinical use by introducing for example CliniMACS, the only approved machine for separation of stem cells for clinical use. TheaMed made banking in Lebanon possible with high quality products used and approved in most of the important cord banks around the world (Sepax system for example). We aim to be the leader company by providing the most efficient products for stem cell therapy, banking of umbilical cord blood and tissue, and for research in many fields including immunology, molecular genetics, cell separation, cell culture and differentiation, cell analysis, cell signaling in many applications: cancer, neurology, hematology, metabolic diseases etc. Our team care about reaching and enhancing best and fastest ways to meet our customer’s need and satisfaction, with the lowest cost possible enhancing the ability of laboratories and centers to proceed with very developed procedures.